Monday, September 7, 2009

Air Revitalisor

I always felt that the air ventilation inside the house is not so good ; make me felt "kok".
So , instead of spending $$$ for air purifier , we opted for air revitalisor. Well.... GreenAire seems to be first choice ( becos that is the brand that I know.. hahahah , the others are from Ogawa , Osim etc ).

Jaya Jusco Seberang Prai is the place we hunt for the GreenAire revitalisor. There are several model of revitalisor available , from RM138 , RM168 to RM258. We are lucky that day , very lucky ( the power of Law Of Attraction !! I am a very lucky person!! ).. The revitalisor is having promotion ; the RM168 have 50% discount , while the RM138 have 70% discount. Yes !! You hear me right ... 70% discount , which make it only Rm41.40 only , very cheap leh.

We end up buying 2 of them .. and a 150ml essential oil from GreenAire Biopeutic Series : Floramantic blends which said provides relaxing and soothing . Calms emotion and aids sleep ( Destress). That cost us 63.50 after a 20% discount.

We have 1 revitalisor in the living room ( on the TV cabinet ) and another one in the master bedroom.

In the living room

In the master bedroom

Close-up... see the blue lite.. looks nice in dark

The essense oil..

This is how the revitalisor works :

The benefits :
  • Neutralise Aireborne Allergns & Surface Pollutant
  • Reduces Tobacco Smoke & Haze Pollution
  • Kill Harmful Mirco-Organizms in Air-Con Filters, Seat Cushions, Bed, etc
  • Proven Bio-Disinfectant Properties
  • Wholly Made from Natural Botanical Extracts
  • Aromatheraphy with Mulitple Fragances


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