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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 1 at Copenhagen

I was asked to fly to Copenhagen ASAP to finalize the product's design. No more flying with Cathay Pacific as it is not preferred airline for CPH route. This round , i am going to fly with Austrian Air. The route will be PNG-KL-BKK-Vienna-Copenhagen. PG-KL (MAS) , KL-BKK (Thai) , BKK-Vienna-CPH (Austrian).

While checking in at Penang Airport , the MAS officer at the counter have told me to check out my luggage at Bangkok and check in again. I dont want to do that as I want it to be check out at destination. Well, he tried to do as per my demand and finally he managed to do it in the system. However, me and my dear baobei found out from other officer in the ticketing counter that there is only one baggage tag given. We check it with the guy that handle my check in just now and guess what ? The baggage tag (BKK-CPH) was in the dustbin !! WTF !! The guy then promised me that he is going to stick the tag on my luggage. So , I thought everything is fine.

When reaching the CPH airport about 9.20 am (sunday), I couldnt found my luggage. OMG.. a check with the airline counter shows that my luggage is still in Bangkok. It must be the bugger's fault. I am so nervous and angry , but what else can I do ? Just make a report and hope that my luggage will arrive ASAP.

After spending more than 40 min for the baggage report , I took train to Copenhange H station. Outside weather was so cool and windy. I am freezing and still need to walk for about 15 min to Marriott Hotel where i will be staying for 2 weeks. The official check-in for the hotel is 4 pm but i tried to get early check-in and been told by the frontdesk officer that 40 min is needed to get my room ready .

Well, ok.. then i just wait at the lobby. And the crowd at the front desk getting more and more (check-out the room) .. with angmo wearing all kind of winter jacket. 40 min have passed and my room is not ready yet. After waiting for another 30 min , finally ,my room is ready. It was about 1.30 pm !! I am so tired and hungry. After exploring the room and take a little rest. I plan to go out for lunch ; but it was raining. Alamak.. i am so depressed so I made an international call to my dear baobei. At least i can hear her sweet voice and that will definitely calm me down (but wont make my stomach full off course) Back to room after the 10 min chat with my baobei. I guess God must be listen to her prayer, the rain stop and I managed to go out to hunt for some food.

Walking along the windy street at 3C celcius with my "thin" jacket. Angmo must be thinking that we chinese are very keng , can tahan cold weather. I went to McD for my lunch+dinner. Had the Chicken n Bacon , McBacon and hamburger with warm chocolate. That cost me 55 DKK ( about RM 38).

老公Business trip....Nov 08

Business trip to Copenhagen again is the last minute decision made by hubby's company. After the flight was confirmed, we only have 3 days for the preparation. At the same time, i was also quite busy for the company stuff, so i felt so sorry did not help a lot hubby to prepare his luggage.

15-Nov 1pm, from penang.blogspot seems like no traffic jam problem at penang bridge. But when the time we reached Penang bridge toll at about 3.45pm, oh my godness, there is long queue of cars move extremely slow towards the toll station, there have another long queue after pay at the toll station...

Luckily with our small cute cute Kancil, we can move our car very fast and when the time go out from bridge is 4.20pm. Hubby drive very fast, because we scare not enough time to check in. Within 10mins time, we reach safely at Penang air port. After this experience, in future we will cross over the bridge much earlier, penang bridge traffic jam situation is very

After i park my car and walk to check in counter, my hubby still ar
guing with the staff in the counter to convince him allow for check out his luggage directly at Copenhagen instead of check out in the half way transaction (Bangkok ). One more terrible thing happen at behind.....when my hubby failed to perform web check in to select the seat for the flight from KLIA to Bangkok & to Vienna, then we go MAS information counter to check the problem. Now only we found the staff in the check in counter just now throw away the sticker for luggage (transaction from Vienna to Copenhagen) that suppose to stick at the check in luggage! He only provide us the sticker with the luggage stop at Bangkok and also our fault we didn't look carefully . The staff quickly said he will go to help to put back to the correct luggage.

Here are the photos before hubby boarding....He still very proud with his business class flight. :)

Actually the most surprise incident happen in the last.....when my hubby reach safely in Copenhagen, he found his check in luggage was missing! His luggage was stop at Bangkok! This is really unprofessional service provided by MAS! I fully support my hubby to write a complain letter to MAS to report this kind of incident!

It was raining day when my hubby reach there, there was no restaurant near to the hotel (Marriott hotel). So he was so hungry and so cold there. So pity him....if i was fall into this kind of situation, i believe i will cry. After the rain stop, only he manage to find one McD restaurant not so far from the hotel. Then now only he has mood to enjoy the luxury room that he going to stay for 2 weeks.

My hubby, although this is not the first time you fly far away from me, but i still will feel very miss you.....No people talking a lot beside me, i felt our house is so silent. Hopefully you will enjoy your 2 weeks time there and back to 119 house safely at 30Nov08.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner @ Chicago - Nov'08

Today we invite a special guess to our blog....She is Yen Hong (My brother's gal gal). Because of my brother never bring her to Chicago restaurant for dinner, so during the time now my brother was business trip in US, then we bring along Yen Hong to have dinner @ Chicago Auto City...
Look at Yen Hong, she is so happy with the food here...

If not mistaken, in Malaysia, Chicago only available in Penang (Auto city) not even in KL.
We been here few times, and this time we found the food size is become smaller compare to previous few times, would it because of economic issue that happen worldwide now? But the most important is no change of food quality, still very tasty!
Besides food quality, another point is service provided also very satisfied!

Tips: When you make the payment, remember to ask for the Chicago sticker (stick at your credit card), so next visit you can get 10% discount of your total bill.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

HueyLing's Birthday

31Oct08, may be my hubby scare
i complain said he forgot my birthday, so in the
very early morning, before i go to work,
he quickly give me a birthday
cake...... :) .

We did not have any special celebration, already 老夫老妻, Just have a very wonderful dinner at Tao restaurant. Environment here is very nice, romantic and the decorations also very attractive.
The service provided also perfectly meet customer requirement.
This is my 2nd time being here, first time i came together with my colleague for a project celebration. Experience told me that if more people join the dinner, then you can try more types of foods. All the foods here really delicious. For 2 people, we still can order
many foods, but is easily get full....

Below you can see the truth....believe me!

He really 贪吃, so eat until the stomach like a ball....

This is the hair pin that hubby bought for me during 散步round the fashion market at Auto City after the dinner.

We end our day with full of happiness......

Oct 2008 - 新加坡之旅

今天是我们在这次的新加坡之旅的最后一天了. 一大早,我们就去Singapore flyer 了, 因为怕来不及Check out (1pm).
首先我们是搭MRT 到City Hall 站,然后从那儿等Free shuttle bus 去Flyer. Free shuttle bus 9.30am 就开始有了,可是只有我们两个搭客而已.

到了Flyer, 也许还很早,旅客只有小猫两三只.
Before 上Flyer 的Security 蛮严一下,
像Custom 一样要检查身上的物品.





就这样我们结束了我们在新加坡短短的四天三夜的旅程. 新加坡---- 后会有期咯!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oct 2008 - 新加坡之旅

一大早,吃完早餐后,我们就出发到East coast Park @ Bedok Jetty. 首先是搭地铁到Bedok Station, 然后搭的士到目地的。在这里,有好多活动可以进行,有的划浪,有的骑脚车,有的Camping, 有的游泳,




后,我们到Orchard 去Shopping lah...... 可是这个时候没有Sales。所以我们只买了几件短裤和T-Shirt. 还是有好吃的美食....

Chicken chop+ Pasta

本来我们是打算在傍晚的时候去Singapore Flyer 的, 那里知道天在这时候不作美,竟然下了一场大雨,所以我们只好继续在Shopping center 里逛逛。过后,就到 The Merlion 拍照。

从 Esplanade Bridge 往过去,背后就是Singapore Esplanade (Theatres by the Bay) 和Singapore flyer. 听说许多大型的Musical performance 或Concert 都是是在这"榴莲头" 里面进行了. 我们也不忘为我们的小熊在这代表性的Merlion 拍照留恋哦!

走到累了,我们就到City Hall里面闻名的亚坤Kaya Toast 店享受下午茶. 它的咖啡好浓,好香. 在很多的Shopping Complex 里面都可以找到这间店. 想不到,这么便宜及简单的食物却在各大的商场都可看见.

晚上, 原本以为可以欣赏到The world's largest fountain (在Suntec City)外面,可是我们等了将近40 分钟却还是没看到,也不知道为什么会没有, 那里的Board 明明写着每晚8-10pm 都会有Show. 也许我们没有缘分欣赏吧,希望下一次有机会在 看到吧.
既然没得看, 我们就去另一个夜景很美的地方, 叫Charke Quay. 这里有好多Pub 及很贵的餐馆, 大多数坐在里面的都是外国佬. 相信这里也是情侣拍拖的地点之一吧.

p/s: 不知道你们有没有注意到,我们背后的桥的Color.....我也是在排照片的时候才发现的.
这里还有一个好刺激的玩意儿, 我想没有多少个人可承受吧!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oct 2008 - 新加坡之旅

senai 机场,然后搭巴士过了
custom, 才从kranji MRT Kallang MRT 两个人的肚皮已经在打鼓了,所以就去老曾记买了curry puff和萝卜糕。哇,咬了一口才发现好吃极了。过后每次从Kallang MRT 出来都会忍不住望了一下,有几次都忍不住,结果我们都光顾了几次。

Kallang MRT Station 走路到我们住Hotel 需要大概十分钟。一路上, 令我们大开眼界的是整排的店屋竟然都是火锅店, 而且都是由中国人经营的。Check In过后, 休息片刻我们就到楼下逛逛。又看到另一个震惊的画面。 一间间的咖啡店, 在五六点的下午,竟然坐满了老男人, 还有中国陪座女人, 桌上都放满了酒, 有些店还有人在大展歌喉呢。绕了一阵,我们终于在一间卖粥的店点了这里驰名的田鸡粥。味道果然不错, 粥很绵, 很清甜

晚上我们去Bugis Junction 走走。我们开始发现新加坡也是一个美食天堂, 而且价钱公道。我们在一间日本餐馆解决了我们的晚餐。离开 Bugis 之前, 我们还买了日本Satay 来吃,味道好极了。




到了Vivo city,花了一点时间买了进Sentosa Song of the sea the 票之后,我们就在这里逛了一会儿。从Vivo City 乘搭train Sentosa 只需大约五分钟而已, 可是人潮就很多。在Sentosa

我们要出发去看Dolphin show 了。可是,Dolphin show Underwater World 皆让我们大失所望了。比起香港Ocean park 真是有点小巫见大巫。但它的沙滩还不错下,还有小小的吊桥。

(1)Sentosa 沙滩

(2)在 Underwater world

(3) Merlion...

(4) Song of the Sea Show

夜晚,我们到China town 逛逛,然后顺便吃晚餐。这里的海南鸡饭非常好吃!可是, 为什么会有一粒糖果当甜品呢? 真的好特别哦!

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