Sunday, November 9, 2008

HueyLing's Birthday

31Oct08, may be my hubby scare
i complain said he forgot my birthday, so in the
very early morning, before i go to work,
he quickly give me a birthday
cake...... :) .

We did not have any special celebration, already 老夫老妻, Just have a very wonderful dinner at Tao restaurant. Environment here is very nice, romantic and the decorations also very attractive.
The service provided also perfectly meet customer requirement.
This is my 2nd time being here, first time i came together with my colleague for a project celebration. Experience told me that if more people join the dinner, then you can try more types of foods. All the foods here really delicious. For 2 people, we still can order
many foods, but is easily get full....

Below you can see the truth....believe me!

He really 贪吃, so eat until the stomach like a ball....

This is the hair pin that hubby bought for me during 散步round the fashion market at Auto City after the dinner.

We end our day with full of happiness......


-thethinker- said...

I woke up several time during night just to make sure that i dint overslept and miss the chance to surprise you in the next morning ; but then ... still not 100% surprise. You out from bath room with the birthday cake on the bed and me still looking for lighter to lite up the candles downstairs. I looks so dumb n funny leh !!


my dear like to taste every single menu listed , so we order lor ... but she only will finish what she like, other ... i need to swallow them !! so end up.. i got to finish all of them . We ordered for 2 persons portion , i ate for 1.5 person portion .
Can u imagine how my belly looks like now ?

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