Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner @ Chicago - Nov'08

Today we invite a special guess to our blog....She is Yen Hong (My brother's gal gal). Because of my brother never bring her to Chicago restaurant for dinner, so during the time now my brother was business trip in US, then we bring along Yen Hong to have dinner @ Chicago Auto City...
Look at Yen Hong, she is so happy with the food here...

If not mistaken, in Malaysia, Chicago only available in Penang (Auto city) not even in KL.
We been here few times, and this time we found the food size is become smaller compare to previous few times, would it because of economic issue that happen worldwide now? But the most important is no change of food quality, still very tasty!
Besides food quality, another point is service provided also very satisfied!

Tips: When you make the payment, remember to ask for the Chicago sticker (stick at your credit card), so next visit you can get 10% discount of your total bill.


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