Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 1 at Copenhagen

I was asked to fly to Copenhagen ASAP to finalize the product's design. No more flying with Cathay Pacific as it is not preferred airline for CPH route. This round , i am going to fly with Austrian Air. The route will be PNG-KL-BKK-Vienna-Copenhagen. PG-KL (MAS) , KL-BKK (Thai) , BKK-Vienna-CPH (Austrian).

While checking in at Penang Airport , the MAS officer at the counter have told me to check out my luggage at Bangkok and check in again. I dont want to do that as I want it to be check out at destination. Well, he tried to do as per my demand and finally he managed to do it in the system. However, me and my dear baobei found out from other officer in the ticketing counter that there is only one baggage tag given. We check it with the guy that handle my check in just now and guess what ? The baggage tag (BKK-CPH) was in the dustbin !! WTF !! The guy then promised me that he is going to stick the tag on my luggage. So , I thought everything is fine.

When reaching the CPH airport about 9.20 am (sunday), I couldnt found my luggage. OMG.. a check with the airline counter shows that my luggage is still in Bangkok. It must be the bugger's fault. I am so nervous and angry , but what else can I do ? Just make a report and hope that my luggage will arrive ASAP.

After spending more than 40 min for the baggage report , I took train to Copenhange H station. Outside weather was so cool and windy. I am freezing and still need to walk for about 15 min to Marriott Hotel where i will be staying for 2 weeks. The official check-in for the hotel is 4 pm but i tried to get early check-in and been told by the frontdesk officer that 40 min is needed to get my room ready .

Well, ok.. then i just wait at the lobby. And the crowd at the front desk getting more and more (check-out the room) .. with angmo wearing all kind of winter jacket. 40 min have passed and my room is not ready yet. After waiting for another 30 min , finally ,my room is ready. It was about 1.30 pm !! I am so tired and hungry. After exploring the room and take a little rest. I plan to go out for lunch ; but it was raining. Alamak.. i am so depressed so I made an international call to my dear baobei. At least i can hear her sweet voice and that will definitely calm me down (but wont make my stomach full off course) Back to room after the 10 min chat with my baobei. I guess God must be listen to her prayer, the rain stop and I managed to go out to hunt for some food.

Walking along the windy street at 3C celcius with my "thin" jacket. Angmo must be thinking that we chinese are very keng , can tahan cold weather. I went to McD for my lunch+dinner. Had the Chicken n Bacon , McBacon and hamburger with warm chocolate. That cost me 55 DKK ( about RM 38).


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