Monday, June 1, 2009

What a day....

After spending 2 days in hometown , I am back to Penang around 5 something. Driving alone was so bored. I kept on thinking of work stuff ; what future should be , maybe i should venture into new field , start own business , what type of business etc.... those kept on playing in my mind. All of sudden , i saw the highway signboard pointing out that "Juru - 4KM '. Opsss... I miss the Tambun Exit.. hahaha so "hutu". Bor pian lor , have to exit Juru and use the old trunking road back to home.

After arrived home , switch on TV and as usual , my finger kept changing the tv channel. Mmmm... the TV9 and TV8 so blur leh. Bad sense , I thought must be very windy last 2 days. Going up to the third floor look through the window. Oh no... the tv aerial felt down leh. Jia lat liao... Worry that it break the roof . Aiyoo... hopefully not. I also plan to pay the bangla guy to fix this for me. Sun bian ask him to check any broken roof .

Surfing for a while.... mmm so sleepy... as usual , switch on the air-cond and fan. And the fan noise sound weird. Dont care first , so I went to brush teeth. When I lying on bed , feel so"kok" . Alamak , the fan is not moving leh. So, i woke up and play around with the remote control ,went down to use the downstair remote control . Still not working. Shit !! This Elmark fan quality so char meh.... end up.. i slept around 2 am ; without fan just aircond.

What a day ...............................


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