Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dentist Visit

I cant remember when is the last time i went for dentist. err.. maybe when i am standard six. Not that i am having a super damn good teeth , but..... i am just afraid to go to dental clinic !!

But today.... 25 June 2009 , marked a historical day in my life.. i went for dentist again !!
No choice , the 2nd right molar is getting pain when i am having food . Have to chew on the other side when taking food. It is fine on normal time.. but i cant live with just 1 side chewing only. In fact, the other side also...... is a problematic teeth . or.... should i say , some leftover problematic tooth ( the molar also ).

After having breakfast with HL. I take the courage to go for dentist . Before that , HL have tried to make an appointment with the dentist , but unfortunately ,fully bookedl. But , i dont care , just go there and Q. There is one patient waiting for his turn , and the one that booked for 10 am havent arrived yet. So , my turn will be ... right after the guy who is waiting , if the 10am one lose his ball and dont turn up.

Oppss... the guy move in edi , but not my turn yet.
Nurse called my name edi !! Oh... the dentist is taking up 2 room . so maybe while waiting for the guy to fully numb after the dental injection , she come over for me.. oh.. nope , should be for my molar !!

She examined my teeth.... and give me 2 options :
1. Fast and Cheap - just get the molar extract
2. Time consume and extremely expensive - This will need to have 2 - 3 sessions. First session to "kill" the tooth's root . This will cost around RM 550 , follow by 2nd session to check whether all roots have been de-activated ; or is there any infection . If no , then .. proceed with the repairing with may cost another RM500.

So... as an engineer who only have 2 considerations in mind : Time and Cost. I opted for option 1.

The dentist then cleaning the surrounding gum of the molar ; then dental injection. Slightly pain.. but not as what i expected..hahhahaha then wait while she went to another room.
After about 5 - 10 min , she is back and start checking the "numbness" level. She knock the molar and ask me if there is any pain. I told her , yes.. a little bit feel . She ask bout the lips and tougue numbness , i mentioned to her , i still can feel my tongue !!
Then .. go for 2nd injection !!! This round she put it around the tooth gum and also at the middle of the teeth . Cant really feel the pain except during injection at the middle of my tooth ( i am not too sure , but this one really pain... abit ).

She asked.. any pain.. hahaha , i replied : Not as pain as 1st time.
After several mins... The time have comes.. Show starts !!

It only takes around 10 sec to remove the molar . And i have no feel at all.
After that , just look at my molar ... say goodbye to it.
The overall cost = RM 55 and 1 day MC.

I forgot to bring camera to capture the historical moment. Sigh !!
At the counter , i asked the nurse whether they have throw away my tooth , if not , i would like to capture the photo with my phone camera. but... sudah buang laa...
So, no photo to be shared or kept....

15 年的恐惧。。。 终于克服了!! yeah !!!

bye the molar who have been with me for at least 20 years.....


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