Tuesday, November 18, 2008

老公Business trip....Nov 08

Business trip to Copenhagen again is the last minute decision made by hubby's company. After the flight was confirmed, we only have 3 days for the preparation. At the same time, i was also quite busy for the company stuff, so i felt so sorry did not help a lot hubby to prepare his luggage.

15-Nov 1pm, from penang.blogspot seems like no traffic jam problem at penang bridge. But when the time we reached Penang bridge toll at about 3.45pm, oh my godness, there is long queue of cars move extremely slow towards the toll station, there have another long queue after pay at the toll station...

Luckily with our small cute cute Kancil, we can move our car very fast and when the time go out from bridge is 4.20pm. Hubby drive very fast, because we scare not enough time to check in. Within 10mins time, we reach safely at Penang air port. After this experience, in future we will cross over the bridge much earlier, penang bridge traffic jam situation is very

After i park my car and walk to check in counter, my hubby still ar
guing with the staff in the counter to convince him allow for check out his luggage directly at Copenhagen instead of check out in the half way transaction (Bangkok ). One more terrible thing happen at behind.....when my hubby failed to perform web check in to select the seat for the flight from KLIA to Bangkok & to Vienna, then we go MAS information counter to check the problem. Now only we found the staff in the check in counter just now throw away the sticker for luggage (transaction from Vienna to Copenhagen) that suppose to stick at the check in luggage! He only provide us the sticker with the luggage stop at Bangkok and also our fault we didn't look carefully . The staff quickly said he will go to help to put back to the correct luggage.

Here are the photos before hubby boarding....He still very proud with his business class flight. :)

Actually the most surprise incident happen in the last.....when my hubby reach safely in Copenhagen, he found his check in luggage was missing! His luggage was stop at Bangkok! This is really unprofessional service provided by MAS! I fully support my hubby to write a complain letter to MAS to report this kind of incident!

It was raining day when my hubby reach there, there was no restaurant near to the hotel (Marriott hotel). So he was so hungry and so cold there. So pity him....if i was fall into this kind of situation, i believe i will cry. After the rain stop, only he manage to find one McD restaurant not so far from the hotel. Then now only he has mood to enjoy the luxury room that he going to stay for 2 weeks.

My hubby, although this is not the first time you fly far away from me, but i still will feel very miss you.....No people talking a lot beside me, i felt our house is so silent. Hopefully you will enjoy your 2 weeks time there and back to 119 house safely at 30Nov08.


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