Sunday, May 8, 2011

败了架 Nikon D5100

After Jayden were born , having a DSLR have been in mind as it will be used to capture those precious moment.However , we still have confident with the Canon IXUS that we bought before the Singapore trip few years back.
But , seems like our thought is wrong , the compact camera cant really do the work.. Most of the time, we missed the moment that we like with Jayden ; the picture looks blur.

The kedekut me , still not really want to buy a DSLR , but the photos taken by WenHao during SanYee wedding really gave us big impact. Jayden makes so many funny faces and our compact camera cant even get a nice one shot , but with WenHao's DSLR ...

OMG , he looks so cute and the photos so nice..

With the nice figure of Motorola's MIP , the thought of having a DSLR pop-out again . We struggle with ourselves... To buy or Not to buy ?
With> 2000 ringgit ; it can be invested into stock or amanah saham , or to reduce home loan interest .. but , capturing a precious unforgettable moment is also very important.

After few tarik tali , we decided to buy one ..opsss , now : which model ??
I have in mind : Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5100
I asked the price :
D3100 : RM1900
D5100 : RM2350

Upgrade to 8GB class 10 card : add 40 ringgit
UV Filter : add 50 ringgit

The shop ownert advised me to get the D5100 as it is the latest and I dont have to worry about the spec.
Well , maybe it is true , why not get the latest design instead of having a few years back product.

I am now officially Nikon-ed !! ...... errr.. time to learn the shooting skill ....


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