Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resignation Part 1

I have spent more than 6 yrs with M company , since May 2005 ..
Many important moments happened during the service period.
Bought the first house , father went for heart bypass surgery, get married, mom went for leg surgery ,grandma passed away, bought 2nd property , having my first new car and the arrival of new life in family - my dear baobei son ... and many more.

Frankly speaking , M benefit and compensation is consider good .I like the flexi working hour very much . I have gained trust from boss. But stil I felt that I am in bottleneck dilemma and it is a need for me to change environment and seek for better opportunity.

When I joined the current team , it is a big responsibility for me to keep PG team reputation as many have left the team before this for the role. I managed to stay with the team for years . I actually really hope that with the team grow , i will have change to lead it. But what happened in 2010 really disappointed me. The management parachuted someone with higher grade into the team , not only that , i was asked to slowly pass down the design task that I been doing since development stage to him , and only deal with the sustaining task. That really pissed me of.
I can't imagine that happen to me , at least pls discuss with me before and not just announce it in the meeting. Although he is not long with the team ( yaa.. left after attending the training that I always dream on, fxxx ), but there is already a torn in my heart.

Not long after that , they hired a fresh grad into the team , again without me in the discussion prior this ( hahaha maybe I am too naive to think i am that important ) . Well , again , the excited job scope being assigned to her instead of normal process- new hire to do sustaining job. With first incident , I have lost interest to fight for my right anymore. So ,I dont bother with the arrangement .Just do my own work and whatever being assigned . Not less , Not More. The new hire just with us for 4 mths ,and everything back to square again. Me as lone ranger in the team.

I continue my work as normal , or shud i say with less passion . yeah .. as I am now putting more attention to my son. ( what an excuse .. hahaha )

Anyway , oppurtinity knock the door ..
to be continued....


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