Friday, October 17, 2008

Invested in Gold

I been looking for gold investment opportunity since last year. Kijang emas , golden maple etc have been in my scope but somehow , i dare not go into it.
Last week , I realized there is other gold investment that have lower commission compare to kijang emas : The Public Bank Gold Investment account . The difference between the selling and buying price is just 3 % ,which is much more lower to other gold investment scheme available in Malaysia.
I have kept my eye on it and have set my target price at < 95 Rm/gram . I plan to go into it once the price drop below 95 ringgit.

Oct 17, 2008 .
The gold dropped to 94.35 on 11.30 am . I am so excited and quickly go out for early lunch. I rushed to HSBC to withdraw 3K and then rushed to Public Bank.
It took me about 40 min ( including wait time ) to done with the new saving account opening , gold investment account opening and ebanking application.
As my IC stated that i am from Perak , the bank required me to provide a proof that I am either working or staying in Penang. OMG , they ask for business card that I do not have inside my wallet .
Luckily the company badge is accepted as a proof that i am working in Penang. It then tooks me another 15 min to get the rest of procedure done at the banking counter. Finally , managed to bought 27 gram of gold at the price of 94.05 RM ! ;-)

Sound to be good right ? Not really , as the price going down to RM93.85 at the moment i am writing this post. Haha..
Dont worry, i believe it will going high next week. God bless me.


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